The Freelancer’s Toolkit is like bootstrap for your business.

We’ve been writing, and thinking, and mumbling about freelancing for a long time. Each of us at Modern Tribe took the plunge into freelancing at some point. As our company has grown, we’ve done it by working with freelancers like you. We’ve picked up a couple tricks along the way, and we want to share them with you.

This isn’t everything you need, but it’s a start. Take what you find here, and make it work for you.

Hopefully you find something within that helps you achieve your dreams. If you’ve got some tips, tricks, or resources you feel like sharing, please let us know.

Reid & Modern Tribe

Important Note: We’re not lawyers. We have lawyers, and we’ve asked them to look at the contents herein, but we make no promises or guarantees to their legal validity. Caveat Emptor people.


plus wpwatercooler

Scope Creeper

I hopped on the WP Watercooler chat to talk scope creep with some crazy brainiacs.

plus pony

Freelance Primer

[Video] Shane walks through the basics

plus map

Freelancers Guide To Sales

Sales is like dating… sorta.

plus contract

Contract Template

Use this to get started.

plus faithful

Why Dependability Is the Most Important Quality

If You Can Be One Thing, Be Dependable

plus question

Can I Freelance?

If you need a website to tell you this…

plus earn

Measuring The Sales Pipeline

How much do you think you will make in the next six months?

plus hourly

Hourly Or Fixed

Are you an hourly biller or a fixed project fanatic?

plus charge

What Should I Charge?

One of the most asked questions that people face.

plus money

Are you working for free?

I’m down with investing my time, but I’d rather surf than work for free.

plus marry

Marry Your Clients

Going on 10 years with a client… longer than most marriages.

plus Family1Large

Working Remotely with a new Baby

Conference call while changing a diaper…

Share your story

Share some tips or tricks that you’ve picked up along the way. Us freelancers need to stick together. That little nugget of truth that you take for granted, could be the key to someone succeeding in their freelancing career. Let’s learn from each other’s mistakes. We could all go spend $100k on MBAs, but I’d much rather hang out and build websites.

Send us your best advice, or your worst horror stories. Or, if there’s something that you need help on – give a shout and we’ll write it up.

“Work for yourself, but not by yourself.”

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